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The Association Française des Collectionneurs de Baïonnettes was created on February 22, 1997.


The statutes were presented to the Sous-préfecture de Beaune (Côte d’Or Department–21).


This association is open to all collectors interested in bayonets, beginners or advanced collectors alike.


The wide variety of bayonets available to collectors is often based on their historical nature and number of types.


On January 1, 2013, the AFCB counted 117 members from all over the world.


Les statuts

By clicking this link you will access the AFCB’s statutes. Enjoy reading :



Our logo

Message from the Président



« By browsing this website and viewing the statutes of our association according to the law of 1901, you will discover that the Association française des Collectionneurs de Baïonnettes is primarily a vast network with information dedicated to the bayonet and its history.


At the forefront of exchange and sharing, the AFCB unites collectors with its two communication channels, the quarterly Journal and the Forum which is reserved for its members. This allows collectors to communicate on their subject, and collection in a climate of trust and understanding.


The AFCB is an organisation that works together with museums, specialised press, organisers of arms fairs and private persons by helping them to identify their bayonets.


Finally, the AFCB owes its sucesss to the goodwill of its members to promote bayonet collecting.

The projects




The AFCB is very active with both short and long term projects in progress. The latest, being this website, its layout and publication allows it to become a showcase to unite even more passionate collectors. Additionally, with its publication in English the AFCB will now be able to reach further than the French-speaking communities.

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